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You are only a number for a cheap web hosting service, specifically if you have a small company. This is an additional issue to think about: What is the number of websites that will have the same IP address as you do? You know about spammers, don’t you? Well, usually aggressive spammers use the least costly web hosting package available. What is the reason? The reason is they intend to only stay in business for a short amount of time. Are you aware that your site can be banned by the Search Engines as well as your ISP if you are spamming? Generally, when you have the same IP address with, for example, 1000s of other companies, and if one of these companies use spam, the whole IP address could, and frequently will, be restricted by the Search Engines. Then your business will drop. Most likely, you would not even have clue about what has caused your traffic to decline so steeply. In addition to this, an extremely cheap hosting company will normally have slow operating servers and general services will not work because the bandwidth is low. Using a cheap web hosting company will cause you and your company more problems than it is worth.

2. Some Space To Expand

There will probably be an expansion of your Internet business. You should have the option to pick a different hosting package that will allow you to do this. Preferably, when you have to make decisions, the web hosting company should be available for consultation. Do they want your business, or your cash only? One solution doesn’t work for everyone. If this isn’t understood by the web hosting service, then you should look elsewhere.

3. Underdeveloped Website

The site for hosting companies should be very complete, full of details and easy to use. It is that easy. The FAQ for the site and Help section should be shown. Additionally you should have a method to get in touch with them, and not only by sending an email. Who has enough patience to wait 24 hours for a response?

4. Dubious Promises

Your uptime is promised to be 99.99%. What is the number of times you have seen this promise? Is there any meaning to it? As a matter of fact, nearly all hosting services promise to do this. Not too many actually have guarantees in place as far as getting your money back if you are not happy, or offering you something else if there is a problem. You shouldn’t let a web hosting business get away with that.

5. Lack of References

A good hosting company will be glad to provide you with a list of happy customers and will not mind if you contact them for references. You must know the people you are working with. If you can’t look at any references for the web hosting company, look somewhere else. You must understand that web hosting is not only business, it is partners working together. Are you considering a hosting company that understands this?

6. Aggressive Sales Methods

When you phone the hosting company for help, do they continue to persuade you to get a more expensive service or buy something? Do they try to convince you to buy something whenever they call you? In other words, are they requesting that you pay for the entire year of web hosting right away? Did you know that if this is done, and then you figure out that there service is wrong for you, you won’t ever get your money back? Is this affordable? Do you want to take the risk?

7. Bait and Switch

Read the fine print. Is the information in the headline different from information in the small print? For instance, is there a limit to the number of emails you are permitted to receive and/or send out through your web hosting company at one time? Features like this are important if your company is going to do business to help your clients with speed and efficiency. You don’t need to buy a web hosting system based on this promise and later discover there is a catch. Regardless, if a web hosting company does this, they are not trustworthy for your business. Don’t just leave. Run away.

8. Package/Software Inflexibility

Does the web hosting company offer packages that are limited? Can they help you find a hosting package that is best for your business? Is everyone pushed to accept the same package? Being able to be flexible should be the main consideration when you choose your hosting company or you should continue to look elsewhere.

9. Enormous Companies

Even though a hosting provider is an enormous company, this doesn’t mean it is very good. You must decide if your web hosting company will provide your company with personalized service or if you will just be lost in the crowd.

10. Bad Customer Service

The behavior of the hosting customer service shows you how dependable they are and the company’s character that you are trusting your business with. A web hosting company should make all of the contact details available to you. This is what all businesses need. Who picks up the phone? Who responds to the phone calls? Those in the Sales Department? Nobody? Internet companies are open all the time. Currently, an uncommunicative web hosting company can’t be accepted. You require somebody to respond to your questions immediately. Nobody is interested in leaving a message, or even worse, getting a canned email response. The main point is that the only thing a web hosting business actually has to do is market their service. That is the truth. If they do not realize this, they should not be offering their services anyway

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